Our Endorsements

In addition to our proposals and our NPC slate, DSA’s Bread & Roses caucus has endorsed a number of proposals at the DSA National Convention. We believe these candidates, resolutions, constitution/bylaws changes, and amendments will help strengthen DSA and root us more firmly in the multiracial working class.

NPC Candidates

We encourage all delegates to vote for our five candidates — Marianela D’Aprile, Marsha Niemeijer, Megan Svoboda, Natalie Midiri, and Rachel Zibrat — in slots #1-5 on their ballot (preferably in an non-alphabetical order of the delegates’ choosing). Because the elections will be done by a ranked choice system, ranking our five candidates at the top of one’s ballot is very important to ensuring they win.

Following these five candidates, we are proud to endorse the candidacies of Sean Estelle and Dave Pinkham. We are asking delegates to rank them #6 and #7 on their ballots, in an order of the delegates’ choosing.

  • Dave Pinkham is a leader in Austin DSA who helped win sick days, forced Lloyd Doggett to cosponsor Medicare for All, helped Bookpeople workers organize a union, and is working to make Austin a shining example of what socialist organizing in the South can look like.

  • Sean Estelle helped to build a campaign to democratize ComEd, the energy utility in Chicago, and shares our vision for a strong DSA rooted in the working class that can make the fight for a Green New Deal a socialist one.

Resolutions, Constitution/Bylaws Changes, and Amendments

You can read the text for all resolutions here and all constitution/bylaws changes here.

Including our proposals, our full list of endorsed proposals includes:

  • R2 National Growth and Development Committee
  • R3 Towards a Clear Multifaceted Strategy for Labor
  • R4 DSA Internationalism Committee
  • R5 Defense of Immigrants on Refugees
  • R6 Orient toward Latinx communities
  • R15 In the Event of a Sanders Loss
  • R23 HGO Updates
  • R30 National HGO expulsion list
  • R31 Class Struggle Elections
  • R32 Labor Strategy and the DSLC
  • R33 Invest in Political Education
  • R34 Ecosocialist Green New Deal Priority
  • R36 DA Races
  • R38 Fight for abortion access
  • R39 Petition to Bernie Sanders for a People’s Foreign Policy Platform
  • R41 Take over fossil fuels companies
  • R42 Great Lakes Authority
  • R46 National Logistics Worker Organizing
  • R48 Candidate Litmus Test
  • R51 Code of Conduct
  • R53 Decriminalize sex work
  • R55 Resolution on Grassroots Fundraising and Small Chapter Growth
  • R56 Ecosocialism as a Guiding Principle
  • R59 Presidential candidates and reparations
  • R64 Housing for all
  • R69 YDSA staff expansion
  • R71 Strengthen Int'l Committee
  • R72 Mass campaign for voting rights
  • R73 Support for Open Borders
  • R74 Bernie Housing Res
  • R80 Security and Marshalling Program
  • R82 National Electoral Priority Resolution
  • R84 Socialist Organizer Trainings
  • R88 Political Platform
  • CB11 Setting Delegate Ratio at Time of Apportionment
  • CB29 Equal Treatment of Amendments

There are amendments to some of these proposals.

We strongly encourage delegates to vote for the following amendments:

  • Amendment #9 (“Adding Bernie Specific Priorities to the National Electoral Priority Resolution”) to Resolution #82
  • Amendment #28 (“Amendment on Unincorporated Chapters”) to Resolution #55
  • Amendment #23 (“Striking Language on Amending the DSA Constitution & Bylaws”) to Constitution/Bylaws Change #31

And we strongly encourage delegates to vote against the following amendments to our proposals:

  • Amendment #8 (“Striking Language on an Independent Worker's Party”) to Resolution #31
  • Amendment #25 (“Adding Language on Big Tent Political Education”) to Resolution #33